For Thanksgiving 2021 we have stopped taking orders for fresh turkeys.   We do not take orders for every last turkey.  We expect last minute cancellations and should have extra turkeys.  These will be available beginning at 2 pm on Wednesday November 24th at our farm.

In the future please e-mail your name, address, phone number and the size you would like to roeskefarms@comcast.net   We WILL NOT guarantee your size.  We get as close as we can.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail with pick up details.  Watch for it for more information.

Over the years we have tried several recipes for cooking our whole turkey.  All turned out just fine but our favorite has been the Alton Brown method.  This website includes a video to explain the recipe.

Other recipes on our website are for using leftover cooked turkey you may have.

We raise our turkeys free range. This means our turkeys aren’t cramped into tiny spaces. They have room to strut about, perches on which to roost and we insist they attend their exercise sessions — we actually go into their yard several times a day and encourage them to jog! As turkeys grow (and they grow very fast!), they tend to become sedentary. We have to keep them active so they retain strength in their legs to support their large size.

turkeys graze in a grassy area
Our turkeys love their spacious living.

Each year, our flock is small so we can give them individual care and attention.
They have all of the fresh water and grains they need to thrive and are drug free — we don’t give them chemicals to speed their growth, which is why we CANNOT guarantee their size when you order them.

Patty is holding a baby turkey, called a poult, in the palm of her hand.
Farmer Patty with one of their 5 day old poults.

They are very alert, friendly and curious birds. They scurry around us as soon as we enter their yard. We’d like to think that’s because they like us, but the truth is, they know we are probably bringing them more grain. Since they grow so quickly, they are constantly hungry!

a young turkey looking right at you

Why are our turkeys more expensive than those in the stores? Because we raise them for quality instead of quantity. Once you taste a free range turkey, you will discover how much better they taste!

Turkeys for Thanksgiving must be pre-ordered. Go here for more information.

Things to keep in mind when ordering your turkey:

  • Weight CANNOT be guaranteed
  • Leftovers are great! Check out Patty’s turkey enchilada recipe here
  • Payment in full is expected when you pick up your bird
  • Types of payment accepted are cash, local checks, and major credit cards
  • We cannot deliver or ship
  • Pick up your pre-ordered fresh turkey the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Hours will be posted on our homepage in early November.
  • Bring a box or a large cooler to transport your turkey

They are the BEST turkeys you can serve! You’ll be surprised how much better they taste than turkeys raised in “factory farms.”

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turkeys graze in a grassy area


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