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Hartland Farms is the cyber division of Roeske Farms, owned by Patty and Eric Roeske (Pronounced “Ray-skee”).roeske's holding turkeys


Wooden TurkeyEric is a native of Hartland, MI. He worked and learned a lot about gardening from his parents.  They had a large garden every year to feed their family.

He met Patty in 1980 on a church bowling league.  They were married in 1982.  At that time Eric was working on a local beef feed lot and Patty was working at a hair salon.   You could say that God, kids, and 4-H led them down a different path than they expected.

Eric and Patty along with their three children, Nikki, Steven, and Jessica, have more than 20 years of active involvement with the Ranger’s 4-H Club which is based in Hartland and serves the greater Livingston County area.

Eric has been the Swine Leader for their club for over 15 years. Prior to starting their own farm, Eric worked for 18 years on Jonquil Farms, Hartland, raising beef.

Patty has been a 4-H year leader for over 15 years. She is a leader in the areas of Food Preservation, Ceramics, Scrap Booking, Creative Stamping and Sign Language.

Nikki standing next to Christmas tree and signing "I love you"
Nikki signing “I love you”.


Nikki is their oldest daughter.  She was born deaf.  She attended Michigan School for the Deaf.  Her projects in 4-H included sheep, swine, cooking, lace net darning, latch hook rugs, and ceramics.

Texas was her home for five years after high school.  In 2011 she moved back in with her parents.  Today she helps on the farm when she can.

Steven in his Navy clothes staniding between his dad and mom
Graduation from the Naval Boot Camp

Steven is their second child.  Before graduating from Hartland High School, he was very active in 4-H.  His projects through the years included beef, sheep, swine, rabbits, photography, entomology, cooking, sewing, small engines, and ceramics. He attended Northern Michigan University and Michigan State University.   After graduation he worked on a large beef feed lot in Texas for a few years.  In 2012, he married Trish, and they now live together in Georgia where he is currently serving in our United States Navy.

Jessica sitting on a rock near the Whitefish Point light house
Jessica at Whitefish Point


Jessica, their youngest child, was active in 4-H for ten years, raising sheep, beef, pigs, and rabbits, making ceramics, taking pictures, and participating in various community service. She is now the rabbit leader for the Ranger’s.  Jessica graduated from Hartland High School, 6 years after her brother did the same.  She is currently a senior at Lake Superior State University and expects to graduate in May.

The Roeske’s are active in community events as well as their church.

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