Relay for Life


young girl helping set luminary bags back up
We have family from Texas helping us today.
Jessica walking the hula hoop lap
Our daughter Jessica walking while using the hula hoop lap.
Steven walking on the track while pulling a wagon
Our son Steven taking a turn with the 4-H wagon.
sign to announce winner of the Silver ranking
Very proud of our team.
People walking around a circle of chairs for a cake walk.
Our team was in charge of a cake walk.
Nikki walking carring a sparkler
Our daughter Nikki walking carring a sparkler during the luminary lap.
Bowling alley
Bowling to raise money for Relay for Life


Jessica at the end of the 24 hr relay
Jessica at the end of the 24 hr Relay for Life
Jessica and Shayla sitting on grass
Jessica with her Aunt Shayla…another relay is finished!


Eric sells ice cream from the cart
Eric selling more ice cream during the Relay for Life event.

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