From May through October each year; we have fresh chickens every few weeks.  We raise them free range and provide them with fresh water and corn feed daily.  For 2021 we plan to have them fresh at our farm May 25,

June 22 and 30, July 16 and 21, August 13, September 9 and 14, and October 21.  Dates subject to change.

They are clean, fresh and shrink wrapped.  Whole chickens are $3.85 per pound.

We also have packages of:

Breast $4.95/lb, Wings $4.50/lb, Thighs $4.50/lb, Drumsticks $4.50/lb

Feet $3.25/lb and Backs $3.25

They are in our freezers during the winter while supplies last.

Our chickens come fresh and clean. The flavor is fantastic, the way chicken should taste. My favorite way to cook it is “Beer Butt Chicken” on the grill. I have used cola or a lemon-lime soda with lemon pepper on the outside.

After four days we will freeze them and have them available for sale.

All of our animals are raised the same way, and chickens are no exception. They eat all the dirt, bugs, and grass they can get. We raise two types of chickens on our farm. One flock is strictly for their delicious eggs the other for their meat.  They are free range.  This means they have plenty of room to stretch their wings and run around in the grass. We raise a few meat flocks from May through October. We will post on our home page, our Yahoo Group, and our Facebook page when they are available.

Brown Eggs in a carton

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