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Our farm began small.  We raised meat and vegetables for our own family.  When our children needed more to do, they joined 4-H.  The local 4-H club presented a Farmer’s Market idea to the township board.  We were asked  to be one of the vendors to sell any extra vegetables we had.  In 2004, that proposal became the Hartland Farmer’s Market.  The same year, we bought the turkey business from a neighbor.  Each year we have raised more pigs, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, and vegetables.  Over time we become vendors at other Farmer’s Markets including Fenton,  Hartland, South Lyon, and Holly.

Some of our long time customers may remember standing in our kitchen waiting for their turkey since the  cooler was in the barn in our back yard.  Our customer list grew and so did our plans.

Over the years we have

  • added more animal shelters
  • expanded the garden area
  • increased the variety of vegetables we grow
  • built a store area
  • moved the roadside stand indoors
  • put a “cover-all” up

We look forward to continuing to grow our business and providing our customers with the healthy choice.


Hours vary every week and every day since we are a small family farm and we do not employ salespeople.  We  welcome visitors to our farm. Usually customers are free to walk around and see how our animals are nurtured to nurture us in the future.  Due to the threat of Avian Flu in 2015 the USDA has recommended we put a halt to farm tours.  You can see most of our farm from our garage.  We will be glad to point out things and explain what we do.

We respect your time so, calling ahead is recommended to make sure we haven’t left on an errand.  When you do arrive feel free to honk a few times if you do not see anyone.  We just may be taking care of animals or plants.

For the most recent and relevant information:

Roeske Farms is located at 2656 Clark Road in Hartland, MI.

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